jelena gradimir the definition of gold

What is luxury nowadays?

Are we building our future focusing on ego-materialistic
approach or on a pure joy of doing something?
Are we cherishing the diversity and uniqueness enough?


We always think that we are right.
What about thinking that every perspective could be right in some way?
We can try to understand other peoples’ opinions, their viewpoints;
even animals and their magnificent perspectives which are vastly different from ours. They say that creative people do see the world differently, but not just them – everybody does. We don’t even have to explain as much.
People feel each other.


Sometimes it’s hard for me to process emotions.
Like I’m stuck in other peoples’ perspectives and I can’t tell my truth
and it could hurt, but somehow I feel the golden core within me. I am so deep in everything I do that I really need time to process. It’s my time. No one will respect my time, unless I do. So sometimes it’s enough to keep the truth inside of us and cherish the time we give to others as we give to ourselves. Dealing with emotions and patience always expands my perspective.


Are we aware in how many ways we can tell the truth?
So many languages, expressions, tears, fears…
Yes, fears show us the way, too. Most people refuse to be raw, honest.
Most of them will put a mask and pretend to be something they are not, rather than trying to be what they are. Being truthful to myself helps me to be as truthful as I can to others. We can always hear the truth.
The question is: Do we listen enough?


I had so much trouble finding myself in the present moment, enjoying the things as they are. I was craving for a lot of things, so mostly I was in the future or planning what I should accomplish to be happy. But I was wrong. Happiness is the state of mind, it’s not in the future. I had that certain feeling of restlessness that pushed me forward, even though it was hard to live in that condition. It took me years to wake up happy. Now I am trying to be as present as I can, wherever I am and with whomever I am.


Recently I learned that putting space into everything I do brings me more joy. The same holds true with people. It eventually came up with the colors. Someone told me that uncolored parts of a sketch could bring more beauty to the overall look. I will always remember that. It was like a disclosure to me. Everything needs space. Did you know that if we removed all the space in the atoms, the entire human race would fit into a volume of a sugar cube?
That’s how big we are.


So, my Definition of Gold is basically all about perspective.
In this case, it is my personal way of interacting with myself and with others. I want to put an accent on the importance of each perception and respect to individual choice, no matter how big or small the choice is. Accepting and respecting others’ perspectives always helps me expand my perception. Sometimes I feel it could expand infinitely.


I came up with the idea to cover the fruit with golden paint. Most of the pieces had become unrecognizable. We saw amazing textures underneath. The golden paint pulled out the best – the beautiful shapes and lines we were impressed by. Moving the perception just a little bit further we can see the whole new level of beauty, and become more grateful how amazing and perfect the Nature is. After publishing a few photos we got really funny answers of what these pieces might be. The most truthful answer was something golden.

jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold
jelena gradimir the definition of gold

Covering the fruit wasn’t such a bad idea.

Don’t forget, we set up our perspective.
If you are not happy, it’s alarm of change.
So, what do you choose to see?

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The Definition of Gold

text: Jelena Gradimir
photography: Andjela Pajic
text revision: Dragan Plakalovic

Malaga Creative Studio
December ’17.

© copyright
Jelena Gradimir 2017

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